Integrated Partner Programme

Widest of of integration possiblilities

With a comprehensive library of interfaces and approved pre-configured third party drivers under the Integrated Partner Programme, Opus can integrate a wide range of source equipment, lighting, HVAC, security and home automation systems. Thanks to the Integrated Partner Programme new drivers are constantly being developed to ensure Opus is compatible with the widest possible range of third party control systems.



Boasting video feedback and Hotspot™ control, the Opus 6 Series can easily control and navigate the user interface of virtually any source device including:
• Most satellite and cable set-top boxes
• Blu-ray / DVD players
• Media servers including Windows Media Center, Apple TV and Kaleidescape
• iPods with compatible dock and GUI output

Third party control

Opus offers a hugely powerful and yet simple control platform with integration options including IR, RS-232 and now IP via Ethernet. Opus has a well proven pedigree of integrating with third party systems. The new Opus 6 Series offers even more drivers to accommodate virtually any smart home integration requirement.

KNX (formerly EIB) is the leading European protocol for residential and commercial building automation. Many brands support the KNX protocol, providing a huge range of options for lighting, HVAC, security and automation. The new Opus 6 Series supports two-way control of KNX devices via RS-232 or IP gateways.


Lighting control

Climate and comfort

Windows / blinds

CCTV and security