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Opus 6 Series - the complete multi-room entertainment and smart home control solution

From iPod to Blu-ray to satellite TV and even internet radio, the Opus 6 Series provides simplified and convenient control of all your favourite audio and video entertainment sources, independently throughout the home using the elegant Opus touchscreen, iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. When it comes to entertaining just select ‘Party Mode’ and enjoy one source in all rooms. Sonically superb audio is delivered by Opus’ wide range of discreet in-ceiling, in-wall and on-wall speakers, for the ultimate combination of performance and discretion.

Naturally, your Opus system embraces the very latest technologies, continuing to raise the bar for intuitive home entertainment and control systems. You can enjoy stunning high definition TV programmes, movies and sport on any HD enabled TV throughout your home.

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You can also choose to integrate control of lighting, heating, climate and more into your Opus system...
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